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Name of Shop: Andre’s Electronic Experts

Location: 2885 Cliffe Ave., Courtenay, B.C., V9N 2L6

Skills: Car Audio | Multimedia | Security/Remote Starters | Motorcycles | Marine/Powersports | RV/Campers | Lighting | Custom Fabrication

Specialties: Custom Fabrication and Wiring


Growing up in a small town in Courtenay, B.C. there were three staples in the Adamschek household; family, good friends and music. All three would remain key influences throughout Marty’s evolution as a top installer and devoted family man.

His greatest family influence would come from his father Fred Adamschek an amazing craftsman. Marty always had an affinity for the projects his father would build in the family wood shop.  It was here that Marty gained his level of creativity, watching his father create works of art from a few pieces of wood. His mother Dale Adamschek was responsible for making sure the family house was always filled with music from every genre and style.  

The path into mobile electronics would be forged by long time friend Mike Nikkel (already an installer) responsible for getting Marty his first job in ’95 at Forbidden Car Audio in the town of Courtenay. Tragically, Mike Nikkel would die in a car accident in 2000, but would remain a constant source of inspiration both in Marty’s work and personal life.

His passion for music would influence his career path into car audio, his design style as a builder and fabricator. Marty loved music from the 80s and 90s and listened to everything from Hip hop and Rap, to rock bands like Def Leppard and Motely Crue.

In his 25 years as an installer, Marty has seen the industry go through several trends and undergo many changes. In the 80s and 90s it was all about SPL and having a wall of speakers in your ride. In the early 2000s it became about SQ (sound quality), clean installs and custom fibreglass trunks. Fast forward to today, the emphasis is all about OEM integration and making your install look factory stock.

Marty currently works for Andre’s Electronic Experts as a lead installer in Courtenay. He has been nominated as a Top 12 Installer and is vying for the top spot in this year’s Mobile Electronics Installer of the Year Awards. The highlights for me personally working at Andre’s has been the culture and the family atmosphere its been an amazing experience.  

When asked about the achievement of being named a finalist for the 2020 ME Industry Awards, Adamschek added ” Its been the support I’ve received from so many other Canadian installers and several top industry installers acknowledging my body of work. 

Everything for Marty in his career has come full circle; the love of family (thanks to his loving fiance Dianna and the support from his son Nicholas and step daughter Emma who both share his love of music)  and lastly his co-workers, his fellow Canadian industry installers he considers good friends.


Q: Where did you go for your internship as an installer?

Marty: No formal training, I learned from watching my dad and just years of on the job training. To improve my custom fabrication skills, I turned quite often to the internet and found Tim Baillie’s website hzemall.com. I have learned so much from Tim and now consider him a close friend.

Q:  What are some highlights from your mobile audio career?

Marty: Getting to train at RTTI (Rockford Technical Training Institute) in 1999 and 2000 under the tutelage of Bryan Schmitt and Jason Diegos was definitely a defining moment.  I learned a great deal and got to fine-tune all my skills while learning a great deal.

Q: Name a few shops that you’ve worked for during your career?

Marty: There have been quite a few. My best friend and I started with Forbidden Audio in 1995. I was at Dynamic Audio and Elite Car Audio for a while, and now a combined 17 years at Madman McKay’s which 2 years ago became Andre’s Electronic Experts. 

Q: Do you have a particular style or preference when it comes to your builds?

Marty:  Early in my career as an installer it was the big loud SPL builds. That would evolve into more of the SQ sounding vehicles where staging and imaging would become the desired goal for the high-end customer.

Q: How has music influenced your design style and builds?

Marty: When it comes to staging and tuning, I like to use a full spectrum of artists to properly achieve the perfect sound. A few bands that come to mind are Fleetwood Mac and Dire Straits.

Q: What is most important to you when designing a system for one of your clients?

Marty: I think understanding what a client wants in their system is most important. Bigger more involved builds where I can get my hands into some real custom fabrication. I’ve also really started to take a lot of pride in my wiring and making sure that its meticulous almost to the point of being OCD about the finished look.

Q: Where do you get inspiration from when designing a system?

Marty: As for inspiration when designing a system, I always have ideas for systems I want to build in my head. I take a combination of all my influences and the latest trends and incorporate them into each job.

Q: Over the years have you acquired a preference for working with certain car audio brands?

Marty: I am a huge fan of Kenwood head units, Focal speakers and Rockford Fosgate amplifiers for pure raw power.

Q: Are there any installers/fabricators that inspire you?

Marty: Definitely, there are so many; Tim Baillie for sure, Matt Schaffer, JT Torres, Bryan Schmitt, Tom Miller, Chris Yato and John Schwartz.   

Q  : What do you hope to accomplish during your time in the industry?

Marty: I’d really like to earn the Installer of the Year Award, but I think I’d like for people to know I’m someone who’s approachable, easy to talk to and someone who builds some pretty cool cars!

Website – www.andreselectronicexperts.com

2020 Installer of the Year Submission Video


By Frank Spezzano

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