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Colin McAndrew of Brian Reimer Audio


Name of Shop: Brian Reimer Audio

Location: 1053 St. Mary’s Rd., Winnipeg, Manitoba

Services Offered: Car Audio, Multimedia, Security/Remote Starters/

Specialties: Custom Fabrication, OCD Wiring, Attention to Detail, Laser Cutting


Colin McAndrew’s passion for car audio started at a young age competing with his older brother. Quickly growing from a hobby, to something he really enjoyed and would eventually turn into a career.

As his passion and skillset grew, a chance opportunity in 2013 brought McAndrew to Brian Reimer Audio in Winnipeg. Under the training and tutelage of fellow workers, YouTube videos and essential distributor training seminars, Colin has honed his skills to become one of the best installers in the country. With 8 years of experience, a relatively short time in our industry, Colin has built some amazing systems and has earned the respect of many of his peers across the country.

Like many installers, Colin’s passion drives him to work late hours to get the build done. Colin’s philosophy is making sure everything is done right, that no detail is overlooked, that the build looks like it belongs in the vehicle and that everything is easily serviceable. He prides himself on the quality of his work and his attention to detail is above reproach.

Colin was named a Top 50 Installer in both 2019 and again in 2020, vying once again for 2020 Installer of the Year . He has received numerous awards for past installs and is active on Facebook and Instagram.

2020 Installer of the Year Submission Video


Q:Did you have an opportunity to intern as an installer?

Colin: I didn’t… I learned everything I knew on my own and online, and really started to develop my skills when I started working for Brian Reimer Audio.

Q: Did you have a mentor (teacher) when you first started in the industry?

Colin: Yes. . As I moved through my career I’ve had many great mentors and people who have helped me along the way. The individual who had the greatest influence on my work would be Christopher Labonte, when he worked at Brian Reimer Audio. I learned a great deal in the short time he was with Brian Reimer and eventually I took over as the full-time installer.

Q: How many shops have you worked for?

Colin: I’ve only ever worked for Brian Reimer Audio. It’s where I got my start and I love it here!

Q: Do you have a particular style of build that you prefer?

Colin: I have my own style of fabrication, a blend of the things I see other guys doing but with my own spin and ingenuity integrated into my build. I have to say the work of Matt Schaeffer definitely influenced a few of my installs. My favorite style is either OEM plus, making factory looking installs that seamlessly tuck away in the vehicle, or the opposite, unique and complex installs that really pull your attention to the details. 

Q: When designing a system, where do you draw your inspiration from and/or how do you determine what the build is going to be?

Colin: I try to take inspiration from the vehicle I’m working on, copying OEM shapes and contours, deciding if the panels will have angled or rounded edges for example. I also take a lot of inspiration from Facebook groups and the amazing work I see on Instagram. 

Q: Are there any installers/fabricators that inspire you?

Colin: Absolutely! Matt Schaeffer, Justin Marks, John Brettle, Tim Baillie, and Chris Labonte. I’m also inspired by installers who can make anything look cool and come up with new ideas to build systems.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish during your time in the industry?

Colin: I’m dedicated to bettering myself and the industry during my time here… I’m in the process of getting MECP certification and I preach it to all our team members, in the hopes of raising the bar for everyone.

Q: Do you have any favourite music styles or artists?

I have quite varied tastes when it comes to music; Indietronic, Porter Robinson, Illenium, Surfaces, The Knocks, K. Flay, Flor and so many others… to me, as long as it’s well recorded and sounds good, I’ll listen to it!

Q: Are there any brands of equipment you really like working with?

Colin: I love a good Focal/Mosconi combo, but as long as it sounds good I’ll work with it.

Colin McAndrew Builds:

Trunk of Cadillac built by Colin McAndrew

Contact info:

Email: colin@braudio.ca

Website: www.brianreimeraudio.com


By Moe Sabourin

Senior Contributor, 40 year industry veteran

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