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Location: 930 Tupper Ave Unit 2, Coquitlam, B.C.

Shop: TFC Designs and Fabrication

Skills: Car Audio, Multimedia, Lighting

Specialties: Fabrication, Design, Wiring and CAD design


As with any sport or craft, you have an individual who comes along and defines that period all the while becoming a recognizable face for there generation.

Long before being named the 2019 Installer of the year, Time Baillie was constantly honing his craft and trying to learn from some of the best fabricators in the industry.

When you meet Tim, you quickly realize he doesn’t seek accolades, he speaks from experience and he’s constantly working and trying get to the next level.

Tim has had a great passion for car audio for more than 35 years; he started installing in 1985 and landed his first job as an installer in 1990.

As with any career that includes labour intensive work and long hours come bad tendencies and poor eating habits. Tim had always been overweight which made installing more difficult, but he persevered and surprised himself (and others) on many occasions at what he was able to accomplish; perseverance should be Tim’s middle name…

Tim picking up his 2019 Installer of the Year Award

After 33 years of struggling with his weight as an installer and at his heaviest (454 pounds), he chose to do something about it, making a choice to change his life for the better and lose the weight. He has lost 250 pounds and is able to do much more than he ever imagined now.

“I’ve been blessed to work with a lot of awesome people over my years in the industry” said Baillie “They’d help me do the things I couldn’t and in turn I’d do the things they couldn’t. I truly love the team atmosphere.”

A master and his craft

Tim’s accomplishments are to be revered; not many people have accomplished as much as he has in his time in the industry. Here are a few of his accomplishments:

  • Over 150 first place awards in IASCA competition (from 1992-2000) including being the 1997 Sound Quality World Champion in the Expert 1-600 class.
  • Placed in the Top 5 in his IASCA Class at every IASCA World Finals he attended from 1992 to 2000.
  • He was an IASCA Certified Judge from 1995-2000 and a IASCA Judge Trainer from 1997-2000
  • He was the first Canadian  in the Mobile Electronics Association’s Top 50 Installers listing, first Canadian in the MEA Top 12 and the first (and only to date) Canadian winner of the MEA “Installer of the Year” award in 2019.
  • He’s also won the ‘Epic Installer award from Kingpin University, has had 27 magazine features of cars he’s built, built 12 vehicles for SEMA including three for the Ford Motor Company.
  • However, he adds that his ability to lose 250 pounds and take his life back is his biggest accomplishment.

In Tim’s words, karma has “kicked his butt” for past actions, but it’s what he’s learned from those past mistakes that has made him who he is today. “Everything in life is about one choice” Baillie continued to say “Do it or don’t do it… you have to decide which is more important to you and your family.”

Tim now lives by his favourite quotation “The three C’s in life are Choices, Chances and Changes; choose to take a chance to make a change in your life.

CMA Interview with Tim Baillie

Q: Where did you go for your internship as an installer?

Tim: I had been installing at home and for friends since about 1985 and in 1990 I saw an ad for a stereo shop looking for an installer, no training needed. It was very difficult getting your foot in the door at a shop in those days , especially if you didn’t have any formal experience. Ralph’s Radio was the first shop to give me a chance and I haven’t looked back!

Q: How many shops have you worked for?

Tim: A few, including Ralph’s Radio, Audio Video Unlimited, Future Shop and Soundsgood Auto. I opened my own shop at one point (HzEmall Customs), and I’m now with TFC Designs & Fabrication.

Q: What’s it like at TFC Designs & Fabrication?

Tim: Having bosses like Tim Lajambe and Rob makes every day at TFC so awesome; I literally can’t wait to get to work every day! Brett, Luca, Greg, Sara, Pat and Kara are such an incredible team to be a part of; with what we all do, we’re becoming an unstoppable force!

Q: Are there any installers/fabricators that inspire you?

Tim: Where do I begin… there are so many top installers on social media that inspire me, but those who really inspire me and why are:

  • Dan Leonhardt – I still do things to this day that you taught me when I first got in the industry and I pass them along to everyone I can.
  • Derek Friesen – you showed me 20 years ago that MDF was ‘evil’ and that plastics were the future, and how to use them and work with them.
  • Mark Fukuda – Your Blazer changed my world in 1992 when I saw it at the IASCA World Finals; everything you’ve built since has had a profound effect on me. Your Kangaroo boat submission for Installer of the Year in the early 1990’s made me want to compete for that award!
  • Chris Yato – his work is ‘next level’… always has been, always will be.
  • Steve Cornell – Judging his car at the 1996 IASCA World Finals changed my whole way of looking at ‘attention to detail’. I took what I learned and applied that to my car, and won the Championship in my class the following year.
  • Jason Kranitz – I’ve known Jason for 25 years and he inspires me on so many levels.
  • My father, Jim Baillie – He was a mechanic on the electrical side of the shop and taught me about 12 volt. He always told me that if you can work with your hands you’ll never have a problem finding a job… I think that’s more true now than it’s ever been.

Q: Are there any brands of equipment you really like working with?

Tim: I like Audison/Hertz and Kicker

Contact info:

Email – timgbaillie@gmail.com

Phone – (604) 551-5454

Website – hzemall.com

By Moe Sabourin

Senior Contributor, 40 year industry veteran

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